New old radio

Last Sunday I picked up a project radio. It's an old Yaesu FT-101ZD. I owned one from about 1980 to 1998. Why I sold it in '98 is beyond me, and I've recently been looking for a replacement. I found one locally. It needs cleaning and I ordered a new set of capacitors from the guy who sells cap kits on E-Bay. I'm looking forward to digging into it, cleaning it up and getting it back in top shape. More details to come


Jose EB5AGV said…
Hello Bruce,

Congratulations on your find!

Although the unit seems a bit abused physically (mainly front panel), I am sure you can get it back to almost top-shape. I own an FT-101ZD also and it is a great rig.

Good luck with your restoration!

K9OZ said…
It's not as bad as it looks in this photo. It's mainly really dirty, with some scratches on the top corner. Inside it's fairly pristine.
Jose EB5AGV said…
Hi Bruce,

OK, perfect!. What I saw was mostly the scratches on the top corner... but, well, these panels are really sturdy so, with a good cleaning, you will get back most of its former glory.

I have done lots of restorations of old radio equipment. Some of them were in terrible shape at the beginning and, with lots of work, have got good results. You can check them at my WEB at:

One sample is this one:

Best regards and good luck!

Anonymous said…
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