Cloud logging

A question I've been asking myself is why there isn't a "cloud" logging program -- a logging program that exists on the Internet, and everyone can view real time. Logbook of the World is an awards database, not a real-time log.

Then this morning I stumbled on HamRadioDeluxe online log. This seems to be totally a beta and work in progress, but very interesting. I've uploaded a few logs to it, and it's posted on the top corner of this site. It looks like someone else was thinking the same thing I was.


K2DSL - David said…
Cloud logging? I don't look at as cloud anything. It seems to be nothing more then LoTW or eQSL with the data exposed.

Cloud logging would be a web or PC application where the actual data for the application is stored on the web. That's one definition of cloud computing, but we've then had cloud computing since the web existed. I consider cloud computing the ability to create an elastic, on demand, real-time environment where the data and services which administer the data are not directly under the operators control.

Also, according to the ARRL for references to awards, at least 1 piece of data should be withheld from open public access. If you look at my log on you'll see that any operator could look up the data and submit a matching request even if they didn't have me in their log.

There are also other services similar to which I've come across in the past couple of weeks such as and others.

K9OZ said…
You make very good points, and as I messed with hrdlog more during the day, I see your point. I also don't see a reasonable real-time update path, but I may be missing something.

All of this hit me when I was running mobile last week and stumbled upon working some dx. I wanted an easy way to log it from my Blackberry, other than sending myself a note. The publicly visible portion of the log wouldn't have to have all the data, I'd just like to have a complete log I could access somewhere on the Internet.

I'll keep looking.