Noisy bands for NA QSO party

This weekend I spent several hours Saturday in the North American QSO party. This is a quick contest -- it only lasts 12 hours, and I operated about six of them. I wound up with around 240 contacts, but spent a lot of time battling my high noise levels. I could tell people were calling me, but I couldn't pull them out of the noise.

Noise has been an intermittent problem at my location, but it's gotten worse this winter. Hopefully, it will pass and I'll start hearing things again. If not, maybe I need that cabin in Arkansas with a remote station set up.


Ed N4EMG said…
I stumbled across your blog recently and wanted to offer my compliments for a terrific job. It's nice to see a blog that focuses on operating and radios. Too often, and recently it seems, many blogs have become focused on the 'future of ham radio'. And while I believe that's an important topic for all of us as hams, it also gets a little stale after a while. Or there seems to be an obsession with some social networking site, like Twitter or Facebook and how it relates to ham radio.

It's nice to see someone return to the roots of how it's done. I especially like your pictures and accompanying stories about how you actually USE your radios. Very well-written and quite informative!

73 Ed N4EMG

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