CQ 160 contest

Friday night at about 11 p.m. I realized I'd forgotten about the 160 meter CW contest this weekend. I tuned around the band, heard some stations, but it was dark, cold and snowy outside and I didn't want to go out and reconfigure the antenna. So I went to bed.

Saturday I went outside while the sun was out, it was still cold and snowy, and reconfigured the antenna so I could operate Saturday night.

I have a 80 meter off-center-fed dipole fed with ladder line up about 50 feet. For 160, I tie the two sides of the antenna together and feed it from the long wire connection on the Dentron MT-3000A tuner. On 80 meters, I've been running coax to a balun just outside the shack, and feeding the open wire from there to reduce RF in the shack. Hence the need to go outside to reconfigure antennas.

Saturday night I got on 160 about 5 p.m. as the band opened to the East Coast. I took a couple breaks in the evening to eat dinner and go somewhere with my wife, but by 11 p.m. I'd broken 300 contacts ranging from Maine to Washington. So a good night on 16o.


Miguel Lobos said…
I totally missed this one, as I haven't had a lot of encouraging propagation here in northwest VA. Its been so hard to make contacts, that I actually built a new antenna (a 20 meter delta loop) just to find that the propagation has really been just that poor when I've been able to sneak down to the shack between chores and other distractions.


Mike - AB9AX

P.S. Sharon says 'hi' to you and Mary