K3 on the air

Last weekend we had 12" of rain, so it a good one to stay inside and play with the new radio. All I can say is I agree with the reviews, this is a very, very nice radio. The receiver is great, the noise blanker and noise reduction can take out my horrific line noise and it's a very nice CW rig. There isn't much more I could ask for.

Here's the K3, with my K2/100 and KX1. I like Elecraft.


AB9AX said…
A very nice rig indeed! I'm compelled to get back on the air now that fall is in the air here in northwest Virginia. I'm sure you've worked out on CW well, but have you used any voice modes on it yet?
k9oz said…
Maybe this weekend I'll plug a microphone in. I have made PSK and RTTY contacts on it, which are very neat. We should set up a sked on some mode, I'd even plug a phone in for that.
Miguel Lobos said…
Yes, its always good to make sure the microphone works too! Its probably too late tonight to make a sched for tomorrow morning, but it seems like 40 meters will usually cover the distance between here and there in the mornings. I'm currently without a functioning key or interface to do any PSK, but I'd love to get on and chat and make sure my 160 meter / multi-band inverted L is still working.
WATT staff said…
Let's try to set up a schedule some Saturday or Sunday morning on 40. Name a day/time and frequency.

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