K3 contacts

Okay, here's the contacts with other stations with K3s.

W7ZQ, Jim near Riverton, WY. He was running a two-element quad at 180 feet on 40 meters. He was loud. I'm having a case of antenna envy.

W5WSF, Jack in Raleigh, NC. Running a K3 and Steppir vertical. Identical station to mine.

W9AC, Paul in Jacksonville, FL. A K3 and vertical.

That's just the ones I noted the K3 in the log.

A word on logging. In the old days -- 60s -- hams were required to keep logs. With the advent of two meter FM in the 70s, the logging requirement went away, and many quit keeping logs. I keep a complete log using WinEQF software, and upload all of my contest logs into the master log. Since 2001 when I started computer logging, I've got 12,000 contacts in the computer. If I hear a station, I type in the call and the log tells me of past QSOs. I've gotten better at keeping notes in the log, I try to keep age, and rig used, and often a couple other details.

Here's a funny story. I was working a guy in Idaho a few weeks back, and my log showed I had worked him four years ago and his age was 91 and he was using a K2. He told me early in the contact that he had just bought a K3 and used the K2 for camping trips in the high mountains. I did a double-take in the log. If my notes were correct, this 95-year-old had just bought a new high-end radio and still went camping in the mountains. I was sure I had put the wrong age in the log four years ago. Finally, I sent my age as 55. He replied with his age, 95. I hope I'm buying new radios and going camping at 95.


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