Field Day results

Well, I made it to Nebraska to operate Field Day with my cousin Brad, KG0GY. Despite breaking both of our antenna supports, we managed to get low antennas on 20 and 40 meters and make about 370 contacts -- 368 of them on CW.

We both learned a good lesson -- you can't have too many antenna plans for Field Day. When the first support broke, we joked about going to Plan B. By Saturday afternoon we were on Plan D, but luckily, that one held up.
Next year, we'll do more antenna preparation.

For me, it was a kick to operate from Nebraska, and send NE as the section. It had been 30 years or so since I had done that.

The photo above is Brad, hard at work. We ran my K2/100 and his Icom 746Pro.


Anonymous said…
Ah, the real secret to your success is the Tecate barely visible there on the ground.

Looks like you had a great time and did well. Hope to work ya' next year.

73, Mark, WA5VQM