Bad weather, bad bands

This morning it's -5 F, the wind is blowing hard out of the west and snow is drifting across the driveway. I'd say it's a good day to go in the basement and play radio, but between poor band conditions and my high line noise, I'm not having much luck.

Over the weekend I did manage to squeeze out a few nice contacts. Here they are.

This morning I talked to Vic, WA6MCL, in Riverside, CA. Vic was running an old Heathkit SB-102 and SB-200 amplifier. These were kit radios built in the early '70s. They were considered very nice radios back in their day. It's always nice to talk to someone on vintage gear, and we had a nice talk about running old gear. A few years ago I ran a lot of old Drake gear, but sold it all and am sticking to the modern gear -- for now.

Last night I talked to w3ANX, Geo, in Apollo, PA. It was our second or third contact this year, and we compared notes on weather, Christmas plans, and updates to our stations. A nice, high-speed cw QSO.

Earlier I had to K8LV, Eric, in Holly, MI. The conversation ran about the same, weather, Christmas, the poor shape of the bands lately, and old radios. Eric was looking at my blog while we were talking and commenting on it.

Friday night I had talked to Bruce, K6ZB, in Thousand Oaks, CA. Again, this is the third or fourth time we've talked and had a nice chat going deeper into operating habits, love of CW, and old equipment.