A good Sunday

With all my recent posts on the run-up to Sweepstakes and SS itself, it's easy to overlook how I spend most of my time on the radio -- with casual random contacts with other hams.

Today -- Sunday -- was a good example of a day of radio for me.

This morning I had a couple short contacts, then got in a long conversation with W3ANX, Geo, in Pensylvania. We quickly we discovered we had a common passion -- radios -- and spent about an hour talking about different radios, pluses and minuses of each, etc. etc. It's like when a bunch of car guys get together, they can talk about cars for hours. We can do it on radios, but we do it via radio and with Morse code.

This afternoon I was doing something else when I heard a loud CQ on 80 meters from K5HZ. I answered, and started talking to Ron in Autrian, MI, in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. As we talked, I discovered he lived on a lake I've driven by several times, always thinking that a home along that lake would be ideal. Now I'm talking to one of the people who live there. It turns out he's an engineer with G.E., and is able to work from his home, so chose that as his location. Not a bad choice. Again, we talked for about an hour, as we had a lot in common. Chances are we'll run into each other again and pick up where we left off.

With those two contacts, it's a great Sunday for radio.