More radios

One of my favorite new toys is a Patcomm 16000A, the top radio in this photo. I found it on E-bay last month at a nice price, and jumped on it. It is a nice cw rig, with nice filtering and a built-in keyboard. Patcomm went out of business shortly after introducing this radio, so it's one you never hear on the air. I tell people what I'm running and the general answer is "I never heard of it." Yet its a dandy little CW rig.


echo said…
I also love the Patcomm 16000A.
Jose EB5AGV said…
I have been offered a PC-16000E (European version), in close to mint condition, for 350 EUR... what do you think?. How does this rig compare with newer ones?
Anonymous said…
HELLO Im george in argentina I nedd the manuals for the patcomm 16000 help me ,, sorry for my english 73s jorge
Anonymous said…
Bruce,wonder if you still have your Patcomm as now I also have one and its such a good radio I just cant leave it alone.Maybe will have a qso soon Best 73,M0ZOL Zoli.
Anonymous said…
Bruce , wonder if you still have the Patcomm?
Have one too over here and cant leave it along great radio best 73 M0ZOL Zoli.

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